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Electronic Medical Record Systems Integration

Reedsburg Area Medical Center

Reedsburg Area Medical Center – A Partner Profile –

Established in 1902, Reedsburg Area Medical Center (RAMC) serves over 23,000 people in Reedsburg and the
surrounding areas. With a team of more than 600 people, RAMC provides a full range of health and
services including obstetrics, pediatrics, inpatient and surgical, intensive care, emergency and urgent
care. RAMC offers a 25-bed critical access hospital, retail pharmacy services, self-funded insurance,
general and specialty clinics, a nursing home and assisted living.

Reedsburg Area Medical Center’s Diabetes Care Program

RAMC’s Diabetes Care Program (DCP) uses evidence-based diabetes medical management and
to help patients and their family members live longer, healthier lives with fewer complications
formulating and promoting healthy behaviors. The Diabetes Care Program’s interdependent network
tools and staff includes providers, a food bank, dieticians, scheduling coordinators, diabetic
educators, pharmacists, health and fitness professionals.

The program’s success today is largely dependent on the efficient communication and exchange of
information across numerous departments and staff, including a range of medical records and
health data in a variety of formats. But, it wasn’t always that way…

Small Beginnings. Big Results.

RAMC’s Diabetes Care Program initially launched as a pilot program. Over a 12-month period, a
multidisciplinary team would work with 10 patients to promote diabetes self-management. An
up-scaled vision for the program included providing specialized care for an additional 100
by 2020.

However, initially, the launch and implementation of the DCP pilot project was contingent upon a
resource freeze around the program. No additional RAMC resources were to be allocated. This was
critical element to giving the green-light to the DCP and the reason for the subsequent request
MC Integration Solutions.

Integral to the success of the program would be the need to improve and optimize the ability to
maintain and share complex electronic health records (EHR) among a variety of staff and
resources. The enhanced system would need to accommodate scalability and reliability to support
additional documents, users and patient care throughout the organization.

Incompatible EHR Systems – The Heart of the Problem

The leaders of the DCP pilot program knew where they needed to be. They just needed some help
getting there. At the heart of the problem was the need to efficiently transfer clinical data from
RAMC’s clinic and hospital systems, and incorporate the paper forms currently being utilized by the
various clinicians who did not use either of the two systems.

The challenge was, the records system of each EHR were not connected, and neither system had the
ability to efficiently document, store and fulfill the reporting requirements essential to the DCP

After meeting with DCP staff, there were lots of questions. Can you help us create compatibility
between our systems? Can you help us develop custom reports? Can you help us integrate
miscellaneous offline documents online in a web-based application? Can you help us see at a glance
if a patient is doing well? The answer was “Yes.” We got busy.

Creating Connections

At MC Integration Solutions, we believe that every solution starts with the end in mind. For RAMC,
above all, the end goal was to promote patient engagement and safety and improve patient outcomes.

With our client’s goals always top of mind, and through careful consultation, we developed a
solution with a focus on a better user experience, convenient data interoperability and exchange
and reporting that could be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff
across more than one healthcare organization.


Our solution enabled RAMC clinicians and staff to more effectively track data over time as well as
monitor and improve the overall quality of care within the practice by:

  • Creating a custom solution providing a simple, effective exchange of clinical data between
    RAMC’s unique clinic and hospital EHR systems.
  • Constructing an EMR data exchange system able to generate custom reports automatically or
  • Ensuring adherence to international clinical documentation standards.
  • Developing a patient matching algorithm to search and share the most recent clinic summary
    information between health care providers.
  • Helping create compatibility between health care providers specific to HL7 FHIR documentation.
  • Helping facilitate access, retrieval and sharing of information between providers and
  • Creating a system in which all information previously captured on paper documents can be stored
    in a database for safe and easy access.
  • Creating comprehensive reporting capabilities able to provide relevant information quickly and

Program results have allowed for improvement of overall patient care by ensuring clinicians are
able to make care decisions based on access and utilization of all available medical information.

Trusted Partners, Reliable Tools

At MC Integration, we employ only the most reliable tools and partner with only the most trusted
brands in the industry. Qvera is one of the most experienced software companies in the healthcare
IT sector. Their visual interface engine is one of the most powerful and flexible on the market
today. Its patented and intuitive technology is able to resolve even the most complex
interoperability challenges.

A Step in the Right Direction

Today, clinicians and staff at Reedsburg Area Medical Center have better access to more complete
medical records – anytime, anywhere – than ever before, saving them time, enhancing patient care,
and improving regulatory compliance.

More importantly, patients enjoy the results of a custom-designed records management solution in
which all previously unstructured content, including EHR data, paper documents, medical device
readings, and more, is integrated, easily shared and available with just a click.

Whether discussing systems compatibility, online records management or data consolidation and
sharing, in the end, it’s all about the improved health of your patient population. At MC
Integration Solutions, we’ll help you get there.

Ask us what we can do for you.

My experience with our interface consultant has been very favorable. I have enjoyed the benefits of
finding electronic efficiencies to help me in my daily practice. The courtesy copy process has been
extremely helpful in alleviating excessive signature processes. Now it is possible to acknowledge
results/reports just once and not having to duplicate work while addressing documents on my
desktop. Documents from our inpatient database can now properly populate our outpatient chart
without having to get a signature on every parcel. The service allowed us to pick the vital
information that needs to be seen and reviewed, but eliminated the “extra” documents that don’t
need to be individually acknowledged to be a part of their chart. I still will see and sign off on
important work (like discharge summaries and admission notes) without having to individually
address every lab and x-ray that was ordered by the inpatient provider.

This has been a way to find efficiency in my practice. I am very thankful.