New cloud-based solution removes hosting burden from clients

Baraboo, Wis.: MC Integration announced today that it is partnering with leading healthcare software provider, Qvera, to offer expanded client services and enhanced system capabilities. The new relationship will allow MC Integration to help healthcare providers improve patient care by changing the way patient data is collected and shared using a convenient cloud-based solution. MC Integration is a rapidly growing start-up headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin.


“We’re really excited about our new relationship with Qvera,” said Marc Meyers, MC Integration company founder and president. “The new relationship is important to our clients’ patients, some with critical needs, because it means their healthcare providers will be able to collect, share and use their patient data more effectively to make more informed decisions. It boosts our amazing set of integration services by expanding our partnership with perhaps the most powerful and flexible interface engine provider in the healthcare market. But most importantly, it ensures clinicians will be able to make care decisions based on access and utilization of all available medical information through a custom user experience.”


According to Meyers, often times, healthcare providers utilize different health record management systems, making it difficult to share relevant patient information between facilities. Many do not have the staffing or infrastructure resources to effectively exchange data. MC Integration provides solutions that enable records to be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across more than one healthcare organization and to more effectively track data over time.

“No matter how or where patient information originates, it has to be easy for clinicians and staff to get the information they need when, where and how they need it,” he says. “That’s what we do.”


About MC Integration

MC Integration provides innovative and responsive health systems integration and design services for some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. With a focus on patient engagement and safety, MC Integration provides improved patient outcomes through systems interoperability and enhanced data sharing. Through collaboration and cooperation, its custom-designed solutions seamlessly integrate clients’ health records, extract data, and generate comprehensive reports automatically or on-demand in any format and across virtually any platform in use today.


About Qvera

Qvera is an experienced software company in the healthcare IT industry focused on producing powerful and flexible interface engines for the healthcare market. Customers leverage the Qvera Interface Engine to solve their challenging interfacing, integration and interoperability needs. Qvera helps healthcare clients facilitate the management of data exchange between disparate systems and meet government requirements so they can focus on taking care of their patients. Qvera’s focus is on quality and a commitment to producing the best interface engine in the world.


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Marc Meyers, RN